A Polar Bear in Spring


Mixed Media on 300g paper, size 83.5 x 56.5 cm

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A Polar Bear in Spring is a work of my research on music Illustrations. It is made in symbiosis with a little music composition I have made. It is not necessarily an illustration on the music in sense of how it sounds, but its creation process, a visual mark making process. It is about making a composition of both music and painting. It also illustrates the process on how to organise sounds in order to create a composition, how repeated individual sounds create melodies by flowing and colliding in the space of sound. When combining different melodies with sound effects, the work start living its own life by creating new meanings and finally appears in a shape of finalised composition.

Having described that, the meaning of composition echoes the climate change, which put the composition on more tangible position. Spring is the time when nature wakes up. Sunlight becomes stronger and days are getting longer and warmer. It is a big change for all of us. However, it is not only time for new beginning but can also be a threat. With my work I am expressing my concern towards fragile nature by composing a Polar Bear laying on ice while strong sun rays are melting his living territories.  Evaporating organic shapes of water gives its last shimmer in bright colors. Partially violent outlines of the bear in black and orange create contrast and illustrates distressed state of nature



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